Melanoplus- deep TCA blend peel

Melanoplus- deep TCA blend peel


Pigmented lesions

Solar and senile lentigines.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.



Suitable for focal application to the face, neck, décolleté, hands and other areas of the body.


Self-neutralizing, depigmenting, combined peel for focal use. Indicated for dark spots, lentigines and hyperpigmentation

Trichloroacetic acid 20%

This peel acts on epidermal proteins to trigger keratocoagulation, which is manifested by the appearance of frost on the skin. It improves the physiological and mechanical properties of the skin by stimulating fibroblast activity responsible for synthesizing the various macromolecules of the extracellular matrix

Kojic acid 4%

Its depigmenting activity is the result of its copper chelating action and subsequent inhibition of the tyrosinase system. It makes the skin feel soft without causing irritation.

Ferulic acid 1%

Strong antioxidant of plant origin. It protects the entire dermal structure by neutralizing free radicals and inducing a strong cell response to oxidative stress by regulating cytoprotective enzymes. It reduces negative effects due to UV radiation, thereby combating photoaging. It controls tyrosinase activity, thereby preventing unwanted hyperpigmentation.

Bexaretinyl complex

Retinoid with a chemical exfoliant that increases proliferation of cells and extracellular matrix components. It stimulates melanin dispersion, which gives its depigmenting properties. It inhibits collagenase production, thereby reducing collagen loss and increasing the thickness of the dermis and epidermis




The night before:

We are so excited to be seeing you for your light skin peel tomorrow, make sure you avoid using Vitamin A creams this evening… see you soon

The night of the treatment

Well done today! Remember not to wash your skin till tomorrow as a special treatment has been left on…. Did you do the LED? If not you should try it as it enhances the results of skin peels!

Day after


Morning! It’s time to wash your skin treatment off.. remember to use gentle products for the next couple of days and your wow jude face cloth!


Enjoy your beauty sleep

Day 2

It’s a new day! Some light flaking is common, this may just seem like tight dry skin… but some patients just experience a glow.. either way, your skin is renewing itself

Day 3:did you know that a collagen supplement can greatly improve your results as it aids healing and repair and is great for the gut 

Day 4

Time to reintroduce your active products this evening! To achieve best results it is essential that patients follow the correct medical homecare treatment program


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