Moderate to severe grade III to IV ageing, advanced photoaging.
• Deep-set wrinkles.
• Uneven skin tone.
• Sagging skin.
Epidermal hyperpigmentation.
Medium and deep acne scars.


Peel combining pyruvic acid 40% and lactic acid 10%. Indicated as a treatment against moderate to severe ageing, it penetrates to the papillary dermis.

Pyruvic acid 40%

Alpha-keto acid with keratolytic, antimicrobial and sebostatic properties. Its high acidity and low molecular size give it outstanding transepidermal penetration capacity. Pyruvic acid is also physiologically converted to lactic acid (AHA) to allow gradual exfoliation without drying the skin out too much. It increases homogenization of the papillary dermis and stimulates collagen, elastin and dermal glycoprotein synthesis.

Lactic acid 10%

Keratolytic alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) reduces the thickness of the hyperkeratotic stratum corneum and stimulates the thickening of the epidermis and dermis. It increases the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the extracellular matrix, firming and moisturizing the skin




The night before:

We are so excited to be seeing you for your light skin peel tomorrow, make sure you avoid using Vitamin A creams this evening… see you soon

The night of the treatment

Well done today! Remember not to wash your skin till tomorrow as a special treatment has been left on…. Did you do the LED? If not you should try it as it enhances the results of skin peels!

Day after


Morning! It’s time to wash your skin treatment off.. remember to use gentle products for the next couple of days and your wow jude face cloth!


Enjoy your beauty sleep

Day 2

It’s a new day! Some light flaking is common, this may just seem like tight dry skin… but some patients just experience a glow.. either way, your skin is renewing itself

Day 3:did you know that a collagen supplement can greatly improve your results as it aids healing and repair and is great for the gut 

Day 4

Time to reintroduce your active products this evening! To achieve best results it is essential that patients follow the correct medical homecare treatment program


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