Electrolysis has become a widely available treatment in many beauty salons for the permanent removal of unwanted hair for both men and women. Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair through the means of a probe or needle inserted into the hair follicle. There are three different methods available on the market, Galvanic electrolysis, Thermolysis/Diathermy/Short Wave Electrolysis and Blend Electrolysis.

The aim of all the methods is to damage the base of the growing hair in order to cut off the blood supply and nutrition to the hair, preventing any new growth from developing. The technique when performed correctly is highly selective and no damage should occur to surrounding tissues. It is impossible to give an estimate on clearance of an area as hair growth depends on hormonal and other factors but for complete permanent removal each hair has to be treated a number of times whilst it in the growing stage. Electrolysis has become a widely available treatment in many beauty salons for the permanent removal of unwanted hair for both men and women.

Electrolysis, inexperienced hands, can also be used to improve the appearance of thread veins.Although there have been significant improvements in the equipment used, electrolysis remains highly dependent on the skill of the practitioner.

Currently, needle-type electrolysis is the only method that can guarantee permanent hair removal and can be used on all areas of the body and for all skin types.

An anaesthetic cream is usually first applied to the area to be treated to help reduce pain. The electrologist then inserts a wire/filament called a probe and sometimes referred to as a needle into the hair follicle. The patient will not feel the probe going in and there is no pain associated with this. Once the probe is in the hair follicle, the electrologist delivers the electric current to destroy the cells around the hair follicle. This is the part that can be painful for a few seconds.

Treatment sessions can last from 30 minutes to over 2 hours depending upon the area treated, and your tolerance to the discomfort of the treatment.

Is It Safe?

Electrolysis is an aggressive treatment designed to destroy the hair follicle and therefore needs special care of the skin before, during and after treatment. We incorporate LED light therapy into all of our treatments at Pulse as it aids healing and is anti-inflammatory. Patients will be given strict home care instructions to follow to ensure successful and safe treatment. Saying this it is important to note that, redness, swelling and sometimes small wounds are all common and will heal after treatment.

Is it painful?

Although topical anaesthetic is applied the treatment may still be uncomfortable to most patients.

Patients are advised to take a mild pain killer prior to the session.

Patients are asked not to shave or wax hairs before the treatment and to avoid strong retinoid creams for 2 days prior.

A light exfoliation of the area to be treated the night before the treatment will help remove dead skin cells blocking follicles and is encouraged.

Do Not apply retinoids or AHA or BHA for 2-3 days following your treatment

Do not pick the area

Apply an SPF of 30 or higher

Not hot showers or saunas for 48 hours following treatment

Avoid excessive exercise of two days following treatment

Saltwater solution may be applied at home several times a day to speed up the healing

Your therapist will advise a suitable home care cream to use following treatment.

The night before treatment: we are so looking forward to seeing you at Pulse tomorrow, please remember to exfoliate the area to be treated


1 hour before treatment:

You may take a paracetamol before your treatment just please avoid ibuprofen


Day of treatment:


Redness and sensitivity are completely normal following electrolysis. Please do not touch the area tonight just leave the healing creams applied in the clinic on the area for tonight’s beauty sleep.

Day after treatment:

The saltwater solution should be sprayed on the skin 3x per day to speed up healing, please do not apply Bactroban as saltwater works better.


Avoid harsh acids and vitamin A for the coming days till the skin has recovered


2nd day after treatment:

Apply Saltwater 5 x per day and of course a quality SPF50+


3rd day after treatment:

Apply Saltwater 5 x per day and of course a quality SPF50+


Please don’t pluck or wax hairs in the areas you are having electrolysis, you may shave or cut the hairs…. You got this!

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